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tantric massage workshop


tantric massage

Active and bonding meditations

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The facilitator

Diego Koen Tantra Tenerife

Diego Koen

Facilitator of tantra, yoga and meditation groups for more than ten years. Coordinator of the Evolving Sexuality online program

Formed in:

  • Yoga by the Yoga Vedanta Forest Academy and the Yoga Alliance.
  • Active Meditations and tantric massage therapist in Argentina and Brazil.
  • Path to Healing at Chopra Center (United States)

My vision:

Accompany people on the path of tantra to find their full potential, connecting with emotions and sensations in the body, and through the bond with others.

Diego Koen Tantra Tenerife pareja plumita

this workshop is

An invitation to have a transcendent experience through conscious and present touch.

Our body keeps extraordinary potential and energies that tantric practices awakens and develops.

In this initiation workshop to Tantric Massage you will learn to awaken the bioelectricity of the body through a subtle touch on the surface.

The intention is to sharpen the ability to observe and to be present with a rooted and conscious contact from the heart.

It´s for you if...

  • You feel that you lack self-worth and self-esteem
  • You do not fully and totally accept your body
  • You have difficulty giving and/or receiving in relationships
  • You want to advance in your relationship with deserving and with money
  • You want to experience how being more in touch with yourself influences being seen as more attractive

Open to single men and women as well as couples who want to learn another way of communicating through contact in a safe and pleasant environment.

Diego Koen Tantra Tenerife pareja
Diego Koen Tantra Tenerife beneficios


This massage favors the integration between the sacred giving and receiving, and facilitates communication between the feminine and masculine aspects of our being, allowing the free circulation of the loving feeling.

It teaches us how to ground energy in the body, bring relief and containment, awaken sensuality, and allow integration and joy.

This massage experience is always an act of Presence and Communication. It accompanies you to feel more deeply, perceive more clearly and relax in intensity, welcoming your ability to enjoy, transform and integrate.

Beyond learning a massage technique, each person develops a greater awareness of what leads them to open up, trust and feel their vital vibration.

Our intention is to train each person to touch, listen, accept and share in a conscious and loving way.


What should I bring?

    • Want to breathe, enjoy, share and smile.
    • Comfortable clothes
    • Comfortable underwear or swimsuit
    • large sarong
    • thick socks

 * How can I sign up and reserve my place?

– To reserve a place, it is essential to fill in the form -by clicking on any of the registration buttons on this page- and make the payment. Payment methods are specified below.



  • Regular: €150
  • Discount for couples (they can also be friends): €200

– Payments can be made:

* Through G-pay, PayPal, Transfer or Bank Card.

(When you fill in the registration form, you will be redirected to a page where these options are available)

* Through Bizum: (+34) – 611 474 532

    •  Name and surnames / Concept: “Tantra Workshop”

* Deposit in bank account:

    • ES14 1465 0100 91 2054596548
    • Name and surnames / Concept: “Tantra Workshop”

* Places are limited, it is essential to make a reservation in advance.

MINIMUM GROUP: A minimum group is required to carry out the workshop. If you have made a reservation and there are not enough people, you can choose another event or the money will be returned.